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Hawaii Fish and Dive Expo 29/30 October

We will be participating in this years Hawaii Fish and Dive Expo on October 29 and 30, 2016.   We are looking for volunteers and old fishing equipment.   

Bring down your old fishing equipment to donate or trade.  Your trash could be someone else treasure.  

You'll be able to sign up for the Hunting, Farming and Fishing Association.

Come check us out!


State Game Commission

The Hunting, Farming and Fishing Association have endorse the following know candidate for the State Game Management Commission.   If you have signed up and have not been listed here please send us an email and a brief biography about yourself.  There will be two commissioners for Hawaii Island and one commissioner for the remaining islands.  If you know other candidates that have signed up and a great candidate please call us at 808-780-1253 or send email to

Tony Sylvester (Primary Hilo)

Kalani Dicoito (Hilo)

John Sabate (Kona)

Cristy Gusman (Maui)

Jeff Derego (Maui)

Bruce Falkner (Maui)

John Despen (Maui)

Ron McComber (Lanai)

Robert Kremer (Kauai)